Management Board

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Paul Hamm, CEO

Mr. Hamm founded Compomeer B.V. in 2012 and is responsible for the development and execution of the Company’s strategic plan and all commercial aspects of the business. Read more.




Dolf Backer, CTO

Mr. Backer co-founded Compomeer B.V. in 2012 together with Mr. Hamm and technically developed the innovative composites marketed by Compomeer B.V. Mr. Backer is responsible for setting up and running the first production plant of Compomeer B.V. Read more




Françoise de Goeijen, CMO

Mrs. de Goeijen joined Compomeer B.V. in 2013 as a business development specialist with a strong background in b2b. Mrs. de Goeijen is responsible for the marketing and sales of Compomeer B.V. Read more




Jan Bos, COO

Jan Bos joined Compomeer in the spring of 2014. He brings in an extensive experience in industrial manufacturing of web-like materials. Jan is responsible for the daily production activities at Compomeer.